Monthly Archives: September 2013

Bed Bug Elimination

bed-bugsIn the past 3 months we have had three incidents of bed bugs in our home. During the initial treatment, Mr. Akram thoroughly inspected every inch of our bedrooms and disassembled each piece of furniture in order to find those nasty creatures. He then spent two full days treating our house and eliminating them. Mr. Akram Provided MSDS sheets for each of the chemicals used in our house to ensure we were fully aware of the content of the treatment chemicals. Unfortunately we have had a couple of more minor incidents of finding bed bugs in our home after the first treatment, but Mr.  Akram stayed true to his word. He gave us a 6 month guarantee and when we called him he came back to our house to inspect and treat the situation within 48 hours. Mr. Akram is very knowledgeable about pest control and he genuinely cares about helping his clients. I would highly recommend PSS to anyone who encounters bed bugs in their home.