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Mouse Problem

We initially called Akram to tell us whether or not we had bedbugs. We did not, but it turned out we did have a mouse infestation. It took three visits before he could figure out where the mice were coming in. Each time he was the one who followed up with us and there was no extra charge for these return inspections.     He was vexed by the problem but determined to solve it and he did not hesitate  to climb ladders or crawl into tight spaces. Eventually he figured out that the mice were coming in a hole someone had drilled to install a cable at the height of the first floor ceiling. I was impressed by his professionalism, his knowledge and especially his persistence. Thanks to Akram our house is finally mouse-free.

 Chris   Toronto


Bed Bugs Extermination

We required their services for bedbugs problem and received a response same day and Muhammad came on a holiday to ensure things were inspected and treated immediately. He was on time, very thorough and very pleasant. He showed a great deal of concern in providing the safest treatment for bedbugs since we have a baby. We were very happy with his service and look forward to a clear review during his follow up!

Nicole   Toronto


Bed Bugs In Basement

In late July I started getting nasty bedbug bites every night after sleeping in my basement. After doing some research it became clear that I was suffering from bed bugs and trying to get rid of them yourself can be the worst thing you can do so I turned to homestars to find an expert where I came across Akram at PSS. Although he may not have as many reviews as others, it was clear that Akram has extremely happy clients and could not find a single unsatisfied reveiw and furthermore being an entomologist confirmed he was a true expert. I called Akram in, and the next day, he came for an assessment where he walked into a nightmare. My basement is carpeted with wood paneled walls and had clutter everywhere. Within minutes he was able to find Nymphs(baby bed bugs) as well as spider ants. A week later after some extensive cleaning he returned and did a second assessment and again found more nymphs so started treatment immediately. During his treatment he was extremely thorough and informative of what exactly he was doing for me. After two weeks he returned for a follow up inspection and confirmed that he was unable to find any evidence of bed bugs or ants but still did the second treatment. After a month of his first treatment I have had no signs of bed bugs or any other insects. I am extremely satisfied with Akrams services. He was able to work around my schedule very easily coming in on evenings and weekends. It was very encouraging how knowledgeable he was and that it was always him for a calls. My final cost even ended up being less than his original quote and he gave me free climb-ups for further monitoring as well as sold me mattress encasements for far less than one would find at other retail outlets.

Chris  Toronto


Bed Bug Big Dismay Problem

Much to our dismay we discoverd a bed bug infestation in our house. We called Muhammad Akrum from Pest Solution Services, who respoded right away and came out to do an inspection. He advised us on his plan of action and then did his work, including follow-up visits. He has been a true godsend, and has helped us through the bed bug nightmare. He is responsive, extremely knowledgeable and professional. We recommend him very, very highly. Thank you Muhammad!

Susan    Toronto


Bed Bugs Treatment A Great Job

I discovered somebedbug bites that suggested I’d somehow brought home bed bugs. Online homework made it clear they’re very hard to get rid of without the help of an expert, so I hopped onto Homestars and settled on Muhammad Akram and Pest Solution Services. Not only does he advertise himself as a bed bug specialist, but plenty of reviews suggest he’s the guy that manages to get bug problems under control when competitors fail to do so. I can’t comment on the quality of those competitors, but I can definitely say Muhammad gets the job done. He replied to my initial email pretty much immediately, and came out on a public holiday (!) for the initial (and very thorough) inspection of my bedroom. He discovered the early beginnings of an infestation in my bed slats. He then returned two days later to treat the entire room. Again, he was extremely thorough, making sure not an inch of my bedroom was left untreated. It’s two weeks later now, and I’ve been blissfully bedbug-bite-free all that time. Muhammad’s been round for a follow-up call earlier today, to verify his treatment was successful. By all accounts, it looks like it was! In the interval, I’ve annoyed him with countless questions (I was getting a bit bug-paranoid), and he always got back to me promptly, with solid info… I’m actually getting itchy reliving these past two weeks (all in my head, luckily), so I’ll just skip straight to the conclusion: Pest Solution Services are absolute experts when it comes to bed bugs — you’d do well to give them a call if you think you have a problem. (In fact, I strongly suggest you call them sooner rather than later. Read up on bed bugs on the web. You’ll soon realise acting fast is key to keep both the bugs and the costs under control). Oh, on top of everything else: Muhammad’s a really nice guy — worth a mention! Edit: it is now almost a year later. I contacted Muhammad again after discovering two bug bites that had me worried I’d inadvertently brought home new bed bugs. He was very quick to respond, as before, and dropped by for a new inspection the day after I got in touch. (Looks like my paranoia got the best of me: no signs of a new infestation — my sense of relief is palpable!). Once again great service. Thanks, Muhammad!

Robin   Danforth Village, Toronto


Pest Control Black Ants

I called Muhammad, who answered his phone and he was able to come that same day, after I noticed white insulation constantly drifting down from the top of my deck. Muhammad came when he promised, did a thorough investigation and discovered the black ant problem. Timely, professional and a very nice person – Muhammad solved the problem first time out. Thanks Muhammad.

Gord Koch Toronto


Bed Bug Extermintation In Home

When we realized we had bed bugs in the house I came to Home Stars and was impressed with the reviews for Pest Solution Services. Once I contacted Mr Akram I was even more impressed. He answered my call immediately and set up a time for treatment. The treatment was extensive, every piece of furniture was moved, every nook and cranny was inspected. He explained the system of steaming, high powered vacuum, and pesticide. It took two days as we were infested worse than we thought. We also bought the bed bags for a reduced price. It’s been two weeks, Mr Akram has been back to follow up and sprayed more pesticide into the floorboards just to be safe but we haven’t seen a live bedbug since he first treated the house. This was extremely stressful and also expensive but worth every penny. Imagine if we’d had to throw out and replace all that furniture (our bed alone is worth $3000 never mind the rest of our furniture). Peace of mind is priceless. Thank you PSS!

Joanna and John  East York


Stressful Bed Bugs Problem

Akram is the man! When we discovered we had a bed bug situation, we initially tried to tackle the problem ourselves. This was futile and stressful! After calling a number of pest control companies, we opted for Akram because he seemed to be the most knowledgable and we felt we would get a quality service. Akram was thorough and successfully treated our home. It has been 4 weeks and we are bed bug free, sleeping peacefully at night and not having to worry about us or our three children being bitten. While I hope I never have to use his services again, Akram was respectful, prompt, and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend him and  PSS (company)!

Steve  Etobicoke