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Bed Bugs Solution Services

Exterminators, by trade, will try and spray the most harmful chemicals in the least amount of time in order to get into as many homes as possible in one day. Muhammad, on the other hand, is an entomologist. He takes the time to thoroughly go through and make sure the bed bugs are taken care of and treated the proper way – if necessary. We thought our infestation was limited to our son’s room, but after random inspection of the other rooms, we discovered it had spread to all 3. After he had finished treating the rooms, he packed up and left. This is when I realized that as I was organizing the aftermath, I found another bedbug fully alive and untouched (or unaffected by his treatment). I called him immediately, and he returned (all the way from richmond hill). He then went above and beyond in that room, and then scheduled his inspection date as he left. In the time between inspection dates, one of the bedbug traps did in fact catch a bedbug. When we were due for the inspection, he went above and beyond in that room. Muhammad is really the nicest person you could meet. I’m glad we used him and was able to give him our business. Truly the nicest man. We have not experienced any bed bugs since. If we were to, we wouldn’t hesitate to call him again.

raul    Toronto


Bed Bugs In Rental Unit

I first contacted Akram a year ago to deal with these pests at rental unit. After multiple treatments from two different extermination companies, I found Pest Solution Services on Homestars. I was impressed with the reviews, and Akram was hired. He came in and did a thorough inspection, made recommendations and treated the entire building successfully. Unfortunately this year I experienced another infestation in another building. I didn’t hesitate to call Akram. He arrived quickly, and again dealt with the problem just as efficiently and effectively as the first time. I highly recommend his services/business. He is professional, polite and an incredibly knowledgeable. I’m hoping not to require any pest control in the future, but if I do I already know who I am calling. If you want peace of mind, and your pest problems solved call Pest Solutions Services.

Fab    Toronto



Bed Bugs Horrifying Experience

I wanted to wait until I was sure these disgusting bedbugs were gone and let me tell you, since Muhammad first came in and performed his services, I have yet to have any additional problems. Having bed bugs, for the first time in my life, was an embarrassing and horrifying experience. I went nights without sleeping. I was paranoid and simply put didn’t even feel comfortable in my own home. Muhammad is very professional and made me feel like I was in safe hands. I had tried to get rid of these Bed Bugs on my own but that turned out to be a waste of time and money. Before committing to Muhammad, I shopped around and was very overwhelmed with the “chemical treatment” process that was required. Basically, I was told that I would need to live out of garbage bedbags for two whole weeks. On the other hand, Muhammad had a few prep requirements that were fairly easy to follow. The only hassle was having to wash and dry every single washable item I had ( and I had ALOT!). By there is no way around this since you have to make sure to kill any bedbugs or eggs that may be hiding in these items. Muhammad was very patient with my questions and took the time to explain his methods and educating me on bed bug behavior. There were a few times where I called him after the treatments and he was kind enough to address all my concerns. Since then, Muhammad has checked in with me to ensure that everything was well. Initially, I choose to go with Muhammad based on all the positive reviews I read. I would highly recommend him as he WILL get rid of your bed bug problem!

Teresa   Old Toronto


Bed Bugs A Horrible Creatures

Mr. Akram is a real find! Last summer he did an over-the-top job of ridding our daughter’s bedroom of bedbugs. He was prompt, courteous, personable, professional and very, very thorough. As a trained entomologist, he really understands these horrible creatures and the emotional upheaval they cause. Very reasonably priced IMHO. We cannot recommend him highly enough!

Susan   Old Toronto


Bed Bug Extermination

Muhammad is very knowledgeable and professional and his customer service is great. He knows this is stressful for a homeowner and he is patient and accommodating. He was quick to respond to our emails and calls and treated out place for bed bugs within days and kept in touch afterward to ease our minds. Thanks again!

Taylor    Toronto


Bed Bugs Problem

When we realized we had a problem I started calling around for help when I talked to Muhammad Akram I knew he was the one I wanted. He was very experienced and knew his stuff. He really cared about his work. He was always on time, explained things to you, and did a great job. Very nice person. The bedbugs are gone. Thank you very much Muhammad. I highly recommend him.

S Squire   Brampton


Bed Bugs Analysis

From the moment we called them, we were treated with courtesy and professionalism. Muhammad came very soon after we called him, and he clearly analyzed exactly where the bedbugs were and where they were not. He advised of the treatment required, which was carried out quickly and thoroughly. To date the bedbugs have not put in another appearance, for which we are very grateful. As others have said, it is not cheap, but having a bedbug-free house (as you will after Muhammad’s attentions) is worth its weight in gold.

Edmund O’Connor    Etobicoke


Bed Bug Advice And Identification

Totally paranoid that we had bedbugs at our chalet after a guest from BC had been bitten several times I contacted Muhammad Akram. I sent him pictures of the bugbites, emailed him several times and actually dropped off at his business any bedbug looking thing I had bagged during my 4 days of cleaning. He responded in a timely fashion by email or phone to all of my distress calls! Turns out my bagged bedbugs were apple seeds and harmless bugs. HUGE sense of relief. I did figure out the bites were from fleas carried in by our dog – which we were able to eliminate by ourselves. I wouldn’t hesitate a nano second to contact Muhammed again…I just hope I never have to. He truly is terrific!

Robyn – Yonge and Sheppard


Bed Bugs Dropping

We found that we had quite a large infestation of bedbugs in two bedrooms last summer. Fortunately, we called Muhammad Akram first and he responded very quickly, coming over the same day and starting treatment 2 days later. He was knowledgeable, thorough, and very detailed-oriented. He gave us a clear analysis of the situation. He showed us what to look for in terms of bedbugs, their eggs and marks of droppings. We were happy that his approach is to do a very thorough treatment, with follow-ups, as we did not want there to be any chance of recurrence (as far as possible). It has now been 6 months and there have been no signs. As we were going through this we found that neighbors also had bedbugs. They had used another company which had sprayed a number of times over the prior 5 months. They had spent considerable money and were at their wit’s end about the problem. We suggested Mr. Akram and he managed to clear their entire house as well. One piece of advice we’d give would be to decide at the beginning which furniture to keep and have treated by Mr. Akram, and which to throw out and replace. We ended up having him treat some pieces that we then threw out which wasted time, effort and money. Talk to him up front, listen to his advice and then decide. (e.g. he advised throwing out bed slats, which take a long time to treat, but we didn’t, then later found replacements at Ikea). Overall, be prepared for lots of work (moving furniture, cleaning) and expense. Having bedbugs was a major event, in terms of time and money. If this is happening to you, remember that you will get through it, and it does end if you have a professional like Mohammed Akram on your side. We found him to be very knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy, and would recommend him highly.

 G   Toronto