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Bed Bugs In Apartment

I discovered I had bed bugs, and was referred to Mr Akram by a friend. He was available to come and inspect my apartment right away. When he arrived, he had already done a full day’s work, but when he saw that my infestation was serious and had to be dealt with immediately, he set to work and spent 7 hours inspecting and treating my apartment. He works with great thoroughness and patience, explaining where the problems are and what he is doing to treat them. In every way, I felt confidence in his work, and have already recommended him to friends with the same problem. Thank you, Mr Akram!

Katherine H.   North York


Bud Bugs A Stressful Situation

Mr. Akram of Pest Solution Services came to my home a year ago.Since then my home has been bedbug free.Mr. Akram is very professional and knows his business thoroughly. He is a qualified entomologist and understands the stressful of the situation.I wouldn’t hesitate to call him again for any pest problems.

Roberta      Hollyberry Trail


Bed Bugs Home Insects

Issue: Bed Bugs and other common home insects … Location: Toronto, GTA area … Area treatment in home: Large room in home. … Reviewer’s Background: Professional Engineer … Reviewer’s Research: My research was extensive and I felt very fortunate to find PSS (Muhammed) … Service: The service from PSS (Muhammad) was truly professional, thorough (very thorough, nuts and bolts thorough) and Muhammad is also very kind and caring individual to work with; he also has degree behind him (he understands the science behind the issue) and PSS is fully licensed by the government (this is important when dealing chemicals, etc.). I think it is important to mention that Muhammad wanted to inspect the area and assure me that the problem existed before he would charge me for treatment; I think this honest business practice is a true testament to professionalism. … Conclusion: Muhammed’s service was impeccable, providing me education on topic (his website is also a good educational source,, pictures (before and after) and I would 110% recommend him; plus if you have already been through some other companies and are looking to get it done properly then give PSS (Muhammad) a call.

cmr2000    Old Toronto


Bed Bugs Solution Services

I’ve called in Pest Solution Services once before, about a year ago, when I had the start of a bed bug infestation in my bedroom. Muhammad’s service back then was exemplary (and 100% successful). I got in touch with him again when two bedbug bites suggested I might have brought home new critters. Muhammad was very quick to respond, as before, and dropped by for an inspection the day after I got in touch with him. He was quickly able to show I was worrying over nothing, and my bites did not come from bed bugs (huge relief). He actually refused to charge me for the inspection, considering it a follow-up visit to his intervention the year before. I already edited my first review, but I’m still so impressed with this free ‘follow-up’, that I felt it deserved a second review, just to point out what great service you can expect from PSS. So thanks again, Muhammad!

Robin   Dan forth Village, Toronto


Dead Bed Bugs

I’ve been dealing with bedbugs for over a year now. My landlord insisted that I could get rid of them on my own but finally I was able to convince her to hire a professional. I had three different companies come through the home for an inspection and Muhammad was by far the most professional. Muhammad came prepared with protective shoe coverings, plastic gloves and a flash light. He had me undress the bed and remove the mattress from the frame, checking them both along with the baseboards and surrounding furniture. Even after the treatment and a week had gone by, he quickly came over when I told him I had been bitten. He rechecked the previously infected areas and treated them right then for me. So far I have continued to be bedbugbite free which is a relief because I react to the bites. It’s been six days since his last visit and I’d have to say I’m very pleased. I also appreciated his before and after pictures of the eggs and dead bedbugs that he had found and removed.

JMann    Old Toronto


Bed Bugs Entomologist

I highly recommend pest solution services. The service is excellent and the results are guaranteed in writing. Mr. Akran is an entomologist graduated with honors from the University of Guelph. He is well spoken and well trained, his pleasant personality made the bedbug extermination process a less stressful situation. I will definitely hire his services again. Thank you Mohammad

maribel mora   Toronto


Advice On Bed Bugs

I was very impressed with Muhammad‘s manner, his immediate responses and his reassurance. Via text and phone calls, he was able to reassure me that I do not have bed bugs! Calling him saved me time and money. If I ever have bedbug trouble again, Pest Solution Services will be the first place I turn to.

Pearl  York